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Comments by our friends and supporters

"This production will celebrate savants..."

June 5, 2017

The film With Eyes Wide Open did just that— it opened the eyes of all its viewers to the wonder and magnificence of savant syndrome. The exceptional skills of the savant are extraordinary just by themselves. But the inspiration of these stories always includes the behind-the-scenes love, acceptance, support, encouragement, belief, hope and faith of a family member, a mentor or a friend.

Like the earlier movie, this production, FIERCE LOVE and ART, will do justice to, and celebrate, both savants and families.

Darold Treffert, M.D.

Author, “Islands of Genius: the Bountiful Mind of the Autistic, Acquired and Sudden Savant”

Fond du Lac, WI

"Rethink disability by focusing on ABILITY."

June 6, 2017

With Eyes Wide Open brought focus to the importance of providing a nurturing environment. The encouragement, support and reinforcement provided by Richard Wawro’s parents to nurture his ability, is something I hope to see more exposure of in the highly anticipated release of Dr. Laurence A. Becker and Ron Zimmerman’s new film Fierce Love and ART. We should all re-think disability by focusing on “ABILITY”!​

Dr. Rosa C. Martinez

President, Strokes of Genius, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY

"... a powerful testament..."

June 8, 2017


The film, WITH EYES WIDE OPEN, is a unique and triumphant film about how Richard Wawro, an individual with autism and a rather severe visual impairment, can create beautiful works of art. Such an accomplishment is a reminder to all of us on the warmth and depth of the human spirit.

The film, FIERCE LOVE AND ART, is a powerful testament on how individuals on the autism spectrum and their families can improve their lives and how the world as a whole can benefit greatly from their brilliance, beauty, and persistence.

Steve Edelson, Ph.D.

Director, Autism Research Institute

San Diego, CA

"...another masterpiece..."​

June 14, 2017


The work created by Dr. Laurence A. Becker as exemplified by his portrayal in “With Eyes Wide Open” is certainly a masterpiece demonstrating the depth and texture of life by those experiencing life as a people with autism and savant syndrome. Art is in all of us, especially some individuals whom you might least expect it from. As the author of “Artism, Art by Those With Autism” and the publisher of “Artism, The Art of Autism”, I truly appreciate the spectacular work created by those on the autism spectrum and those with savant syndrome-- both through their art, music and other talents. If Fierce Love and Art is anything like“With Eyes Wide Open”, the world will have another masterpiece in its hands.

Karen Simmons

Founder, CEO Autism Today

Co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul and 9 other titles.

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