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SETH CHWAST, painter and muralist

Seth's mother Debra Chwast says she was stunned when a therapist friend revealed to her for the first time that her young son was autistic.  She dropped her own therapist career and devoted herself to finding a creative bridge to Seth.  A fateful encounter with an occupational expert, who recommended that Seth be trained for a career in dry mopping, led Debra to find an outlet for her son's intelligence.  Debra had seen Seth's high-level reasoning proficiency in his perfect musical pitch and his unusual ability to break complicated codes.

Not until Seth turned 20 did he began painting, and from his very first painting he had complete confidence in his own talent. Seth has now painted hundreds of works in remarkable styles, some as large as 40 feet long. His paintings are truly his vocabulary of his thoughts and feelings.

His story is a fascinating tale of artistic mentoring and maternal love.  

"It was the power of No Choice," says Debra.  "It doesn't matter if I couldn't do it... I HAD to do it.  I would not fail him."

Seth and Debra's interwoven lives are the perfect embodiment of what precisely FIERCE LOVE and ART means.

see more of Seth Chwast's current artwork at his website,

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